Would you prefer your dental cleaning in the privacy of your own home?

At Smile Design we treat busy executives and entrepreneurs, but some of our busiest clients are the retired and young at heart. Wouldn't it be convenient to have your dental hygiene experience in the comfort of your own home and on your schedule? Our registered dental hygienists can come to you. Allow us to bring our modern fully sterilized mobile dental equipment into your home. We can perform all dental hygiene services as well as intra oral photos and digital x-rays. Dr. Olitsky can review all of your examination images from the HIPPA compliant software on the cloud.

My team and I have been serving the Bonita Springs/ Naples residents for over 15 years. We love our community and have been honored to care for our clients and see them through all types of life transitions. Our patients are family and we are committing to them and following their needs as they change. Our mobile dental hygiene division is here to attend to the needs of our clients in the privacy of their own homes and residences. No longer will access to care and immobility be an obstacle to surpass. Allow our caring dental hygienist to come to you. Our hygienist can take digital images and x-rays with the most modern equipment and store them on the cloud for the teledentistry review and examination of your dental condition. If any dental treatment is recommended, our concierge hygienist liaison can assist you in making the appropriate dental appointment.

(239) 345-0423 - Mobile Dental Hygiene Services include:
  • Oral Prophylaxis (Cleaning of debris, bacteria, deposits, and staining above the gumline)

  • Non-surgical periodontal therapies (scaling and root planning in the presence of bone and attachment loss) 

  • Tele-Dentistry Examination (Intra-oral photos, Dental X-rays, dental examination and treatment planning) 

  • Disinfection therapy  

  • Dry mouth treatment 

  • Sensitivity treatment 

  • Fluoride treatment 

  • Denture and Partial cleaning 

  • Sealants 

  • Patient specific oral hygiene instructions and preventative techniques 

  • Application of topical anesthetics as needed

Appointment Options:
  • Initial appointment for all new patients

  • Prophylaxis (Dental Cleaning)

  • Periodontal Maintenance (Maintaining dental cleanings for advanced conditions)

  • Periodontal Scaling (Initial or continued treatment for advanced conditions)

  • Tele-dentistry examination (Examination records including; x-rays, intra oral

  • photographs and computer charting to be reviewed by the dentist for diagnosis and

  • treatment recommendation 

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